9/27 Garden day

The last few days the sixth grade class was gardening. The first day we cleaned. Emma and I cleaned and organized the hoop house and everyone else weeded the outside beds. The second day we split the beds into seeds and starts (which are plants that have started to grow) . We also got split up into partners, my partner was Maddy. At first I didn’t realize we were partnered and I was working with the Group then Shane told me to work with Maddy. Me and Maddy worked on lettuce starts. We also worked on food webs. We played this food chain game. Where we would draw cards of the food chain. We would have to build up the food web from the first to the fifth stage.  We also learned about Abiotic and Biotic. The meaning of Abiotic is non living such as water, soil, air, light, and minerals. The meaning of Biotic is living such as plants, animals, fungus, bacteria, and protist. Biotic is in the food web. The order of the food web is primary producer, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and then quaternary consumers. 

Barred Owl Project

Dear Mrs. Cuttatree

My name is Mrs. Muffle pup don’t judge, I am the Barred Owl and I am writing this to try to convince you to cancel the Uppity Resort building. See by destroying 100 trees you destroy wildlife which includes owls like me. Owls provides natural pest control for the environment. So without owls there will be more rodents in the environment. Let me tell you more about me. My scientific name is Strix varia. I am female (51-61 cm) and my male friends are (43-51 cm) yes the girls are taller. My weight is (632 g) and males are (621 g). The wingspan of a barred owl is (107-111 cm) long. The barred owls lay 5 eggs in a clutch.A Barred Owl prefers deep moist forests, wooded swamps, and woodlands near waterways for a habitat. The Barred Owl eats shrews, deer mice, rats, squirrels, young rabbits, ect. We also hunt at night.  Our face is pale greyish-brown with darker concentric lines. Eyes are dark brown to blackish-brown. our bills are pale yellow with a greenish tint. The sides of our heads and necks are barred light and dark. The upper half of us is brown to greyish-brown. Our lower half is pale greyish-brown. Barred Owls don’t migrate usually they stay in the same place their whole life unless there’s danger. And during winter we hunt. In most situations owls are one of the top predators and their habitats so if they were to disappear there would be many rodents in the ecosystem get all messed up. The barred owl is one of the most vocal owls of all of the Eastern owls. Sometimes people call it the Laughing Owl because of how loud it is. So if you destroy the forest and cut down a hundred trees you will kill many ecosystems including owls like me and that will lose Pest Control and then rodents will go crazy.