10/11 mushroom thing

This week I didn’t really know what to write the blog about because we didn’t do much in class because of NWEA testing. All we really did was take walks but we did do a mushroom thing and we played predator and prey(Shane’s version). I decided to talk about the mushroom thing. Emma, Molly, and I kinda worked together. We used the same mushroom . I loved the drawing part and I love my drawing. I think it is cool how the mushrooms were living in something dead. How is that even possible. Another thing that I think is cool is the mushrooms were the only thing living in the dead tree stump but there were a lot of plants around it. After drawing I didn’t like the writing and I am sad the light printing thing didn’t work.   

One thought on “10/11 mushroom thing

  1. Dear Analie R Greenwood,
    I liked how you detailed the experience sincerely and how you described to us the environment that the mushrooms were living in. I admired the amazement and interest you put into your questions. I think the mushroom things were called spore prints. What did you dislike about the writing?
    Alex B Stillwell

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