12/13 Citrullus ecirrhosus

The Citrullus cirrhosis is also known as the Namib Tsamma is a species of perennial desert vine. It also is like a watermelon. They can be found growing naturally in the Namib Desert and in South Africa. The melons also have small yellow flowers on their vines. Being in the desert these melons can survive without water for long periods of time. These melons are also more protected than watermelons.

11/3 Tullamore lions

The Tullamore Lion is the animal I am doing in science foLast of the famous lion brothers is killed in Namibia | Daily Mail Onliner the biome project.  When Shane found out I was doing the Tullamore she got excited, because her dog’s name is also Tullamore.  Tullamore’s scientific name is Xpl-93. The Tullamore Lion is also known as the Desert Lions.

In 1999 there were only 25 desert lions in northwestern Namibia. In the early 2000s, the Tullamore population hit higher with around 150 lions. lions are now being killed each year from human-wildlife conflict incidents. Desert lions are only located in only in Namibia which means that there is only 150 desert lions in the world.

This is a photo from the website that I have been reading about why the Desert lions are being killed. This website is not specify if the people in the image of poachers people who are trying to help. Apparently they kill the mall lions more than the female lions. The lions eat gemsbok, ostriches, and seals captured along the Skeleton Coast. The lions also have a litter of 2-6 cubs.